Inspiration can strike anyone, at any time. The next big idea can come from years of experience and careful planning as easily as it can from someone looking at a problem and thinking, “there has to be a better way.” Disruptive solutions can hit with the speed and force of a lightning bolt or they can grow slowly over time, like a seed planted deep.

Collider can help founders take an innovative concept and turn it into a thriving global venture. We accelerate creative tech across all sectors: fashion, music, design, digital media, gaming, marketing and immersive technologies.

Collider Accelerator is an intensive three-month program that engages founders with the brightest minds from across the globe. Deep domain specialists, led by an industry-leading Entrepreneur in Residence drive the program with face-to-face mentoring sessions, workshops and masterclasses. Companies will receive $30,000 in pre-seed investment. Founders will also be immersed for a week in Thailand, South-East Asia’s fastest growing economy and startup ecosystem.


Bold People

Fortune favours the bold. Meet Collider’s 2019 founders.


Collider Alumni

Where are they now?

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Anti Ordinary . Master Your Video . Whatpods . Colour Space . Shotstack . Umelore . . AirSyne . Cardly

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Brian + Marco | Brandollo

The co-founders of Brandollo walked away with more than just business advice and a support network…

Michael | Birdee

A pile of handwritten notes and a good memory were all luxury car salesperson Michael Huisinkveld had at his disposal to clinch a deal.

Taran | Pryism

It was a sense of regret and not the lure of fame or fortune that sparked Taran Croxton’s business idea…

Hayley + Barry | Neon

A wedding planner with a decade’s experience, Hayley first had the idea for a wedding visualisation service 10 years ago but was hamstrung by technology and logistics.

Read Scott + Ruth’s Story

Ruth+Scott | Creatively Squared

What started as a hobby with weekly design challenges and fun creative collaborations became a serious business opportunity…


Big Ideas

Collider works with founders to turn their creative concepts into a reality. Achieve 12 months of progress in 12 weeks.

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Intensive 12 week Program tailored specifically for creative tech startups

Industry leading Entrepreneur in Residence + Deep Domain Specialists

Mentoring by industry-leading Entrepreneurs in Residence + Startup specialists

$30,000 in pre-seed funding

Week-long immersion in Thailand, SE Asia’s fastest growing economy & startup ecosystem


Bright Futures

Take control of your future and join a community of rapidly growing creative tech startups.


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Collider Accelerator has been recognised as an Eligible Accelerator Program (Authorisation Number: 1051389284381) under the ATO’s Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC). ESIC is a tax incentive program, which provides your future investors generous concessions.


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